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We are fully versed in the components required for compliance with Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.536 as they apply to Ohio Schools. We can assist schools in maintaining compliance with the Ohio Department of Education by offering the following services specifically tailored to schools in Ohio.

  1. Annual review and maintenance of your school’s (EOP) Emergency Operations Plan.
  2. Design and facilitation of your School’s annual Emergency Management Test.
  3. Consulting on updates and revisions to your school’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

Ohio Schools Safety Plans

Ohio Revised Code 3313.536 requires the Administrator of each facility in the state of Ohio that provides educational services to children and is subject to regulation by the Ohio Department of Education to submit an emergency management plan. Other regulations are also in place including the requirement to conduct an annual review and exercise of the plan.

School safety plans require four components;

  1. Safety Plan – A safety plan is a comprehensive all-hazards plan that takes into account all threats and hazards for a particular school. The plan must address ways the administrator will address those threats and a protocol for responding to those threats.
  2. Site Plan – A site plan is a view of the facility and all surrounding area, and identifies school buildings and nearby roadways.
  3. Floor Plans – Floor plans must be submitted for each floor of each building for which the school is responsible, and identify key infrastructure elements of the building.
  4. Emergency Contact Sheet and Signature Page – An emergency sheet contains information so first responders can reach key staff and other people within your organization during an emergency, while the signature page identifies stakeholder involvement.

Ohio Schools Annual Emergency Management Test Requirements

With the changes to Ohio Revised Code 3313.536 in January 2015 a new requirement was added to schools. Schools are now required to perform an annual Emergency Management Test and enter the date of this test into SAFE.  This Emergency Management Test is also known as an exercise.  The statutory definition for the Emergency Management Test is found in ORC 3313.536 A(2) and specific requirements are listed in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-5.  This annual test can be a drill, exercise or other activity that tests a school’s Emergency Operations Plan.  It is important to remember that the purpose of exercising the Emergency Operations Plan is to test the plan, not people.

The specific requirements for the annual test are as follows:

  1. It must be a scheduled event.
  2. A school must provide a minimum of 72 hours advance written notice to the agencies of jurisdiction that are listed on the school’s Emergency Contact Information form. The notice must include the date and time of the exercise and school address.
  3. A school must provide written notice to the Department of Education.
  4. A school must document the exercise including description, date, and time.
  5. The exercise must test at least a single procedural action.
  6. The exercise must include the coordination of efforts.
  7. There must be appropriate follow-through activities for assessment and evaluation of the Emergency Operations Plan and the school’s capabilities.

The annual exercise can, and should, be designed to meet the specific and individual needs for each schools building including the district facility of Public School Districts.


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